Ravens versus Bengals score, focal points:  Justin Exhaust assists Baltimore with edging Cincinnati with stroll off  field objective

Why the Ravens won

They held the ball last. All joking aside, Sunday’s matchup wasn’t the  prettiest, with the two sides battling on third downs and neglecting to  create effectively through the air, so it helped that Baltimore  controlled the ball to close the game.


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Why the Bengals lost

It’s something of a drained analysis to nail fault to Zac Taylor for  their absence of hostile beat, however the consistency issues continued  for Cincinnati: over and over again from the get-go, Tunnel and Co. 


Defining moment


Following the Bengals walked 75 yards, draining very nearly eight  minutes off the clock to take a 17-16 lead in the fourth, the Ravens  went to what they excel at: the ground game. After a punishment on Cincy  pushed Baltimore to its own 45-yard line,  

What’s straightaway


The Ravens (3-2) will raise a ruckus around town for a matchup with  Brian Daboll’s Monsters (4-1), who upset the Packers in London on Sunday  morning. The Bengals (2-3), in the mean time, will raise a ruckus  around town to take on the Holy people (2-3), who edged the Seahawks in a  shootout. 

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