Delays in INR withdrawals on Bitbns, users flag issues on social media

Detainments in INR recessions on Bitbns, druggies flag issues on social media
After several druggies complained of detainments in INR recessions from crypto Bitbns, the cryptocurrency exchange on July 14 said in a announcement on its website that the payment detainments were due to issues from” applicable authorities”.

” INR recessions are delayed due to some issues from applicable authorities. We’re working nearly with them to fix it at the foremost. Requesting tolerance from the community during this hard time, ” the company said on its website.

Gaurav Dahake, CEO & Author, Bitbns said,” INR recessions on Bitbns platform are being delayed owing to temporary issues at the end of concerned authorities. Our platoon is working nearly with them to address this at the foremost.”
” Bitbns is one of the most flexible and the only exchange in India easing flawless deposits and recessions on the loftiest number of listed cryptocurrencies. The recessions are getting reused successionally, as we’re working to increase the clearing speed too,” he added.


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