Ray Dalio roots for cryptocurrency to diversify investment portfolio Dalio
said during an interview with Yahoo Finance that he owns bitcoin and ethereum.
He did not specify the how important worth of crypto he owns Billionaire investor
and hedge fund director Ray Dalio opines that cryptocurrency can be a part of investment portfolios
in an terrain where the value of the bone is cheapening in real terms.
He did not specify the how important worth of crypto he owns.





“ I suppose it’s truly emotional that for the last 10 or 11 times that programming has still held up. It has n’t been addressed … and it has an handover rate,” the report said quoting Dalio.
The author of hedge fund director Bridgewater Associates — and the establishment’s CIO since 1985 — during the interview with Yahoo Finance encouraged diversification, He believes cash the worst investment, due to its loss of buying power.

Reportedly, these are not Dalio’s first commentary on cryptocurrency. Before in September, the billionaire investor told CNBC that regulators would try to “ kill it” if crypto becomes successful. In India, the Union government has noway shown a favourable station for cryptos.
According to a PTI report, the Indian government is doubtful to bring a bill on cryptocurrency in the ongoing time-out session of Parliament. Whenever a bill will be brought, it will be appertained to the executive standing commission for wider reflections with stakeholders, it added. The bill, which was listed in the government’s legislative business of the time-out session, seeks to” produce a facilitative frame for the creation of the sanctioned digital currency to be issued by the Reserve Bank of India”.

It also seeks to enjoin all private cryptocurrencies in India. Still, it”allows for certain exceptions to promote the underpinning technology of cryptocurrency and its uses”, according to the bill listed for prolusion on the Lok Sabha website. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das too had before this month had reiterated his views against allowing cryptocurrencies, saying they are a serious trouble to any financial system since they are limited by central banks.


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