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The benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress:

Natural latex is preferred by many users and is that their properties and features make them an excellent option if we seek the best rest.

In Sleep Junkie we have a catalog of natural and synthetic latex pillows for all tastes and pockets. Do not hesitate to ask our advisors what is the best option for each sleeper.

Latex pillows benefits:

Elasticity and firmness:

As we said, natural latex is the most elastic material known. This, together with its excellent firmness makes the natural latex pillows enjoy incredible adaptability. That is, the support is firm but less flexible at the same time, allowing the muscles to relax and avoiding creating pressure zones.

The breathability of natural latex:

Natural latex does not provide a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. This means that, with proper maintenance, latex pillows are ideal for people with allergy problems.


Latex is a breathable material that also needs air circulation to keep it in perfect condition. It is ideal for hot people looking for adaptable support.


Natural latex, when it receives adequate care, has a much longer life than other materials used in rest. Be sure to ventilate it well every day and never expose it to the sun. Otherwise, it begins to disintegrate and lose properties.

In deformable:

Natural latex of a high density maintains its shape over time with proper maintenance.


Finally, natural latex pillows are a product that respects the environment. In addition to being biodegradable, the juice extraction process used for production is beneficial for the tree.

Easy maintenance:

If there is anything that makes foam mattresses practical for second homes, it is almost nil. If we use a mattress protector from the first day and vacuum the mattress from time to time, it will remain long in perfect condition.

Cheap foam mattresses in Extras Mattress:

As we said, in Sleep Junkie we have a good number of cheap foam mattresses of different densities and strengths. Many of them combine HR foam (high resilience) with viscoelastic foam, thus obtaining high-performance mattresses at more than attractive prices.

If you want to know more about mattresses, refresh your knowledge on Sleep Junkie.