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Author: MerissaTrush

When the mattress becomes old and has to be changed?

You probably never thought about it, but your mattress is the place where you definitely spent more time in your life. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? If you think about it, however, this statement represents reality, because sleeping 7-8 hours a night, every day for so many years, you spent at least one-third of your life on it.

Although therefore the mattress has the value of a precious ally in which to take refuge whenever it needs it, it is good that you remember that its “powers” are not eternal.

The mattress has a fairly long life, but even for the most expensive and high-quality models, sooner or later the time comes when it needs to be replaced.

How long does a mattress last?

A mattress that we can define as being of good quality, whether in memory foam, latex or spring, usually lasts between 7 and 10 years. The factors that determine the duration are:

● Air circulation inside.

● The type of slatted base used.

● The frequency of cleaning.

● The humidity inside the chamber.

● Proper maintenance of the mattress: rotate the head feet once a month turn over / under once every 6 months

Then there are also factors related to actual use, build (weight and height) and sweating.

When should the mattress be changed?

When you are 7-8 years old, start asking yourself questions and checking the mattress more carefully. First of all, make sure that there are no external irregularities, such as depressions or bumps.

Then, we must try to understand if there have been internal failures, not visible from the outside but certainly harmful for rest.

Even the aspect of hygiene and health should not be overlooked: over the years, in fact, dust, sweat and organic particles of our body are deposited on the surface, creating an ideal habitat for the proliferation of bacteria, spores, and mites.

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The last assessment to make is the subjective one: in the last period you had several sudden awakenings, did you get up with back, neck and limb pains? Or, more generally, do you feel a sense of tiredness when you ever wake up before?

Here these are all important signals that must make you understand that the time has come to say goodbye to your old mattress.

Sleep time: Do you want your bed to twist a little?

The human body is dependent upon the amount of sleep during the night-time. Without sufficient sleep hours, a human body can’t function properly. It becomes difficult for a human being to work without having adequate sleep time. An average circadian rhythm of a person depends upon the sleep. In a complete day, it is important to consume the right amount of sleep. Only food can’t keep a human body working since it needs rest too.

Role of a mattress in quality sleep hours

If you’re having a mattress which keeps you disturbing throughout the sleeping hours, then you might face a condition in which you lack in sleeping. A person can feel more active and energetic both mentally as well as physically when he or she employs proper sleeping hours in life. The health conditions get worsened by the lack of sleep. The mattress on which you lie is playing a major role in keeping your spine straight, body in alignment, and certain related factors.

Is your sleeping posture different from the type of mattress you’re resting on? Do you feel troubled with your sleeping style of your old mattress? In such a case, the best advice is to change or replace your mattress. A mattress or bed is beneficial if chosen wisely and keeps the human body comfortable during the whole sleeping hours. Are you feeling uncomfortable on your old mattress? Is your old mattress losing the support level density? Then, your old mattress has ended its durability period. Look on the Adjustable Beds Cherry Creek for having a perfect bed frame matching your requirements.

Is your bed comfortable with your movement?

It is a good question to consider before investing in a new bed frame. With the wide advancement and improvement, the mattress industry has adopted several technologies to produce effective goods. One such product is seen in the adjustable beds. If you’re having a disturbance in your sleep due to the bed, then pick up the adjustable beds as your next option to switch beds with. For more information, read updated product reviews on

The benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress:

Natural latex is preferred by many users and is that their properties and features make them an excellent option if we seek the best rest.

In Sleep Junkie we have a catalog of natural and synthetic latex pillows for all tastes and pockets. Do not hesitate to ask our advisors what is the best option for each sleeper.

Latex pillows benefits:

Elasticity and firmness:

As we said, natural latex is the most elastic material known. This, together with its excellent firmness makes the natural latex pillows enjoy incredible adaptability. That is, the support is firm but less flexible at the same time, allowing the muscles to relax and avoiding creating pressure zones.

The breathability of natural latex:

Natural latex does not provide a favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. This means that, with proper maintenance, latex pillows are ideal for people with allergy problems.


Latex is a breathable material that also needs air circulation to keep it in perfect condition. It is ideal for hot people looking for adaptable support.


Natural latex, when it receives adequate care, has a much longer life than other materials used in rest. Be sure to ventilate it well every day and never expose it to the sun. Otherwise, it begins to disintegrate and lose properties.

In deformable:

Natural latex of a high density maintains its shape over time with proper maintenance.


Finally, natural latex pillows are a product that respects the environment. In addition to being biodegradable, the juice extraction process used for production is beneficial for the tree.

Easy maintenance:

If there is anything that makes foam mattresses practical for second homes, it is almost nil. If we use a mattress protector from the first day and vacuum the mattress from time to time, it will remain long in perfect condition.

Cheap foam mattresses in Extras Mattress:

As we said, in Sleep Junkie we have a good number of cheap foam mattresses of different densities and strengths. Many of them combine HR foam (high resilience) with viscoelastic foam, thus obtaining high-performance mattresses at more than attractive prices.

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Do you need to get a mattress with the advice of a doctor?

Though you want to know about the advice of a doctor is required then you can get right decision and really, you will pay attention to the postures of your back and all the body still gets rid out of the pain. Seriously, this would help you to fix all the issues as soon as possible and really you don’t need to be worried because consulting to the doctor is really good and healthier for you. Even you don’t need to be confused because you can get the mattress easily without wasting your time.

Yes, it is mandatory?

Getting the advice through a doctor is really mandatory and will help you to consume a number of healthy profits. So, you can consume a lot of health benefits as soon as possible when you are paying attention to get the mattress which is made up of quality material. The superior quality would help you to get the sleep which you never buy and seriously you can start your every morning with freshness.

The health troubles you can prevent

As you can see, there is a number of people who are facing health issues but now you can be fixed all when you are consulting to the doctor once. So, you don’t need to be worried and will get the best mattress as soon as possible. Consequently, you can be fixed entire health issues as soon as possible and will get the mattress which is made up for all the body postures. Despite getting the medicines, you will once pay attention to get the mattress which helps you to fix the health inquiries. Visit to do more research.

Relief in back pain

The back pain you are avoiding while you once get the mattress with the help of doctor’s advice. So, you don’t need to avoid it and consulting to the doctor would help you to fix all the health issues as soon as possible. Even this would help you to pay attention to your sleep and the quality sleep you are getting. The priceless sleep would help you to consume a lot of benefits and seriously no more back pain troubles you need to face.

Get the best reviews of the bedding mattresses

If you will go for the purchase of new mattress then you will not able to select the right type of mattress because of the huge collection that is available in the market. It is not easy to find the perfect mattress. It is also fact that you will always need the mattress that can let you have the value of your money spent on it. The best way of searching the right kind of mattress is the comparison of mattresses with each other. Now internet can make the ease of comparing the mattresses. Online market you have best mattresses available from which you can make the decision to select one that is suitable for you. If you will look in the internet then you can Learn more about new beds on Sleep Junkie to make the best decision of purchasing.

There are brands that are very popular. The mattresses that are new modernized are having great offers. Many of them are having lifetime guarantee. These new mattresses are having special features like pressure distributing airgocell memory foam and very much breathable. There are many reliable mattresses that are providing you the 100 night free trial of such mattresses. All these mattresses are high density memory foam. The mattresses are having the touch of luxurious feel. You can have all type of designs and sizes. There are lots more that you can have in your life by adopting one of these advance technology made mattress.

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